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Learn to sew clothes, dolls and accessories,

courses for beginners and the more advanced:


  sewing for children

  sewing for dummies

  sewing circle



For children

Doll making



Get to know the wonderful world of dolls. These play dolls - filled with real sheep's wool - are strong enough to play with for years and soft enough to cuddle. A new look on an old tradition.



Fun to make, a pleasure to receive!




Learn to knit/crochet, increase your skills, and/or apply them to make useful items:



Knitting circle


Looking for a creative way to spend an evening with friends?


Want to work together with your mother/daughter(s)/sister(s) on learning to master a new handicraft?


Want to work together with others to sew a complete baby outfit?


Looking for something to do at a birthday party for your son or daughter?



In short, for groups of at least four, together we can choose a date and a topic (sewing, knitting, crocheting, spinning, felting, making paper transparencies...)



Shown here is a Cinderella transparency. In addition to fairy tales, you can also make transparencies related to the seasons, annual holidays ... Window decorations for Christmas are also attractive.

What people made