Basic material

for making dolls and felted (seasonal) figures:

·        wool felt in many colours (solid and marbled)

·        tubular jersey

·        doll jersey in 3 colours

·        yarn for doll hair in 5 colours

·        wool stuffing

·        wool for felting

·        doll needles

·        felting needles

·        wooden beads and rings

·        pipe cleaners


Plus there is a lot of material (e.g. books) that I do not have in stock due to lack of space, but that I can order. Call or e-mail us and we'll see how we can help.


Sample prices:


Patch of plain wool felt 20cm x 30cm: 1.70 euro

Felting needle: 0.75 euro

Doll needle: 0.75 euro

Skin-coloured jersey for dolls: 16 euro per meter

Tubular jersey starting at 2 euro per meter

Doll hair: varies, around 8 euro

wool stuffing: 20 euro/kg

Dolls, seasonal and decorative figures

The atelier is inhabited by a variety of doll folk. This gives you an idea, but so much more is possible. You can order a doll that will then be custom made to your wishes: choice of skin and hair colour and hairstyle. Contact me for options, prices and delivery time.