Sewing voor dummies



First and foremost you learn how to work with the machine: how to thread a needle, how a wind and install a bobbin, how to set the tension. Then you will learn to use the basic stitches (straight and zigzag) and other things you can do with your machine. You will also learn more about basic accessories and skills such as which needle to use for which work, how to maintain your sewing machine ...


Via a simple project (a pillowcase, a simple tote bag or an apron) you will gain insight into patterns, the secrets of the fabric and how to use these, the right way to make hems, stitch straps, etc.


If time allows, I can introduce you to the world of sewing button holes, zippers, bias tape, …


This class is reserved for adults who know nothing of sewing (and would like to learn) or who wish to be refreshed on the basics.


13, 20, 27 January, 3 and 17 February,  7:30 - 9:30 pm


75 euro


Required. Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants. How to register?

What to bring

  • Preferably bring your own sewing machine, so that you can learn its possibilities. If you don't have one (yet) or cannot transport it, you can use one here. This allows you to postpone your purchase and see if you enjoy sewing enough to invest in a good sewing machine.
  • The manual for your sewing machine
  • Half a metre of a light cotton fabric for a pillowcase or 1 metre of a slightly heavier cotton fabric for an apron.