How I got bitten by the doll making bug



It happened about 20 years ago, by accident: a group of people were making dolls for a good cause, I loved sewing and I had a few hours to spare. Surrounded by playing children and warmed by a cup of tea, we sewed dolls for all ages. Meanwhile, we enjoyed a piece of cake and each other's stories. I found it fascinating that you could make such beautiful dolls with bits of wool and jersey. The bug has not gone away and since it was difficult to get material to make the dolls, I started my own business.My dolls looked good, so I decided to teach people the skill, and thus infect them with the same bug.


I have been teaching courses for ten years, and the people who taste the joy of making a doll (to give as gift or to keep), keep coming back.


Making a doll is a process of learning practising/applying different skills. Making the head is the most difficult part but also the most important, since it determines the appearance of the doll. This is hard work, sometimes you even have to start over again, but it pays off in the end. The body and limbs are mainly sewn with a sewing machine. Finally, the doll is filled completely with wool. The choice of real sheep wool makes sense when you get to know its advantages: wool filling yields a smooth result, it is nice to work with natural materials, it is not expensive, and the wool stuffing absorbs the child’s warmth, producing a soothing effect. Finally, the last stitches are done by hand (such as attaching the legs, forming the feet ...), and the doll gets a hairdo and/or a hat.