Waldorf dolls

Waldorf Dolls are handmade from natural fibres and materials like wool, silk, and cotton Thus, they are warm to the touch. The wool stuffing absorbs the child’s warmth, producing a soothing effect.




There are five dolls in the Waldorf doll series that correspond to a certain age:




The blanket doll is the perfect first doll to introduce to a child as early as his or her first year.


It usually has a formed head and a soft flannel body with small knots at the corners. This doll is made in a soft fabric that feels nice to the baby's skin.


12 euro





The cuddle-baby  for a toddler.


This doll is a mirror of the child at a time when it begins to move: arms and legs are pronounced and are made in a decorative, soft fabric. The children are still too small to dress and undress dolls, but it is possible to add a loose cardigan.


The doll is about 20 cm long.



36 euro




The lijs


At the age of 3, a child likes to dress and undress the doll.

The child imitates his/her own experiences with this doll: the doll is, as it were, a child that is taken care off, fed, bathed and put to bed. 


It is about 40 cm long.


75 euro





The dress-up doll


This doll is the same size as the lijs and is suitable for the same age but has arms and legs that move so they can sit upright.



75 euro




The baby doll


A doll for children who really like playing mother or father.


It is about 55 cm long.


85 euro