Variations on Waldorf dolls

Waldorf dolls have a head that is filled tightly with wool and shaped in a special way. Besides the basic dolls that complement the play needs of children at certain ages, there is a wide range of variations. 

Four types of dolls, with a special focus on the head.

Dolls for all ages, especially for children who like to take a doll with them wherever they go.

Some larger dolls, all with a different body and a different filling: f.l.t.r., wool, spelt and a flexible body made with wire or pipe cleaner.

Very large dolls, for children who like to play the parent. The first is a doll filled with sand, with the weight and dimensions of a newborn baby. The other 2 are filled with wool and thus not as heavy.

These dolls invite a different kind of play: dolls that you can hide in a tube or a hand puppet.